Hi there

I’m Jamillah.

I work in media and that, as you may know, is something that changes rapidly these days.

I am a writer, broadcaster, voice-over artist, photographer, PR strategist, presenter and cartoonist. That sounds like a lot, but twenty years in media, you pick up many skills.

If you are looking for these things, let me elaborate.


A journalist and PR writer. I also ghostwrite columns and content for other websites. I’ve written for the BBC, Chinwag, Index Ventures, Trinity Mirror newspapers, Sophos and many more.  If you need words, pop an intro in the contact form below and we can explore what you need and what I can do for you.


I’ve shot everything from sacks of chicken poop fertiliser to catwalk models. I shoot news photos, events, business portraits, product images, travel photographs and more. I don’t tend to do parties and weddings, but if that’s what you need, I know excellent folks who do!

Please feel free to browse a selection of published and sold images as well as travel, food and events photography here.


For nine years I produced and hosted BBC Outriders, a radio show about tech culture. I also read news bulletins, voice radio packages and co-host on Click Radio on BBC World Service from time to time.

Voice Over

I do clear, authoritative voice-over for corporate audio and video. You can hear my natural style and tone here. If you are in need of something similar, by all means let me know.


I’ve presented and interviewed folks at The Next Web, Le Web, Dublin Web Summit and SXSW. I’m comfortable hosting, interrogating, moderating panels or acting as a participant at events talking on media, geek culture and technology.

PR strategy

I’ve worked with global brands on expanding their global PR strategy. This includes budget projections, creative planning, staffing and paradigm shifts. I also do media training with clients improve media reach and coverage.  I edit and review PR content as a consultant to improve the chances of getting brands into headlines.


I create panels and illustrate for websites as well as creating imaginative images for children.


As you can imagine, rates are dependent on requirements and the scope of work. Sometimes it’s easier to bring several things together and for some clients just one of the skills are needed. If you would like to know more or you need a combination, drop me a line and let’s talk.